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This month, I’m happy to announce our give away is for a fresh flower arrangement (valued $50). The best part – you get to pick it 🙂

I think this is a great idea as, I LOVE  fresh flowers. The colours. The smells. The beauty. Everything about flowers make me smile and I’m lucky enough to work with them every day! For most people though, we forget how special flowers are and the feeling they can evoke. From celebrating an anniversary or a birthday, to showing a friend you’re there for them, to honouring a loved one – flowers are a thoughtful gift for any occasion. But where is the thought you ask? I mean you’re JUST getting flowers!

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Well, in my opinion the ‘thought’ is when you pick flowers for someone with care and with them truly in mind. I’ll give you an example. I recently had a customer giving flowers as a gift for mother’s day. Instead of assuming what type of flowers to give, I asked the customer questions such as, what’s your mother’s favourite… flower? …colour? or is she more classic or a colourful type? etc. By asking these questions, I was then able to put together the perfect arrangement for the customer and his mother LOVED the flowers. Although the customer didn’t know what to get, by sharing with me some information about his mom, I was able to help him show how thoughtful he was.

For this contest, to win I would like to see YOUR thoughtfulness!


One extremely lucky reader is going to win a beautiful fresh flower arrangement!!! $50 in value!


To be entered to win;

  • You must ‘like’ our facebook page
  • Please visit to select your favourite fresh flower arrangement. Let me know in a comment, which one (state the name and product code) and what occasion you would like it for (i.e. Anniversary, Birthday, etc.).
  • Selected Flower Arrangement must be $50 or less.
  • Contest is open to Canadian residents, +19. Contest closes August 12th, 2010.
  • Can enter on a daily basis but you must pick a different flower arrangement each time.


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In the spirit of my post, I want to reward my most  ‘thoughtful’ reader with a BONUS, cute 6 piece glassware set with tray ($15). To win this prize, further to your entry, let me know why getting this arrangement would mean something to you or to someone you would give it to.

As a new blog, we would love for your feedback on what would be the ideal give-away for our next, July contest. This poll will be open for the next week:

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

Visiting a friend for dinner some time soon? Debating between bringing wine, a dessert or gift? Well in my opinion (perhaps a bit biased opinion) flowers are one of the best gifts! Now hear me out on this one.

Let’s start with wine. Everyone likes wine right? Well, not really. On top of that, depending on what is being cooked, you need to make sure that wine is a good compliment. Now say that it’s a white wine, say a Chardonnay – now which type should you get? If you don’t know too much about wine, this could be a disaster.

Well how about a dessert? This could work too, but then you have to consider if there are other guests and if they have any major allergies. A gift may also be nice, but picking one out may be a bit cumbersome.

That brings me back to flowers – which I believe is an easy and quick way to show your appreciation to the host/hostess. I know whenever I’ve brought flowers, I’ve always been rewarded with a big smile. Some of my favourite arrangements are displayed here.

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But you say, it’s no so easy, what do I pick? Well here are some tips on making it easy.

1. Depending on the time of year or occasion, pick a theme that will match. If you provide some background it makes it easy as the florist to designs flowers that will best meet your needs.

2. Try to find out the host’s favourite colours/flowers and/or style. Since flowers last 2-3 weeks, you want to make sure the host feels the flowers fit into their home and to their preferences.

3. Consider whether the host will have a vase or not. If the host as a number of flowers, it may be nice to get a bigger bouquet and skip on the vase (with the money saved on the vase, I give a bigger bouquet). However, if it’s a large party or you know the host may be a bit busy with preparation, it may be just easier to give an vase arrangement that is ready to go.

4.  Consider where you want to put the flower arrangement. If you think the dinner table is a good spot, then a lower arrangement is better so the guests can still see each other. Likewise, if it’s for main hall or on the kitchen table, a nice, taller arrangement in a statement vase could make sense.

Other things you could consider giving:

  • Plant dish garden: The great thing about this, is a plant will last a long time (if the host cares for it) and you can get a mix of green and flowering plants.
  • Gift basket full of goodies: Gift baskets are always fun as they’re wrapped up and ready to give.
  • Artificial Flowers or Plants: For those hosts you know won’t take care of the flowers or plants – get them a fake one! Now a days, artificial flowers and plants look and feel so real that’s worth the look. In my store, I have a large selection to chose from.

For more selection and ideas, please visit our store website at or give me a call at 905-454-4202 and I can help you pick out the perfect flowers.

Wine Decanter promo, originally uploaded by Shalimar Flower Shop.

The Polish sure know how to create BEAUTIFUL glass. We`ve recently picked up a new line of Polish Glassware and Gift items and they are just gorgeous! They`re so nice, that when we discovered this line of products, we ended up buying a ton for our own home!

These artistic and stylish glassware make the perfect gift, as they`re unique, high quality and just truly stunning.

From June 12-July 12, we are having a contest to WIN one of these beautiful wine decanters.


One extremely lucky reader is going to win their own beautiful mouth blown, polish wine decanter!!! $50 in value!


To be entered to win this beautiful wine decanter, let  me know what`s your favourite flower is and like our facebook page . Contest is open to Canadian residents. Contest closes July 12th, 2010.


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Wine Decanter

Perfect gift - could be yours!

As mentioned in the previous post, I attended a beautiful bridal shower last weekend. In these pictures you can see the center pieces and some of the other decorations.

If interested in this specific arrangement, each arrangements retails for $50, however a shorter version is possible for $35. Additionally, we can always create floral arrangements to your preferences and budget.

For bulk orders, Shalimar Flower Shop offers a 10% discount on +10 arrangements and a 20% for +40 centerpieces.

Adrienne was previously mentioned in our blog on her civil wedding, however soon to come is her wedding in Croatia! To get ready for the wedding however, there was of course the bridal shower. As such, this past weekend my daughter and I attended our good friend Adrienne’s bridal shower! It was a beautiful event and we thank her for having us.

The bridal shower was hosted at her Maid of Honor’s condo party room, which had a stylish and modern decor. To decorate the room, we stayed consistent with her wedding bouquet – using bright and colourful flowers. She didn’t want the flowers to be too overpowering so we used fairly low vases for the center pieces. To see more selection of wedding or bridal flowers, please visit our website at

Adrienne also used our rental floral decor, which gave her the option to have more floral presence, but affordably. If interested in this service, please visit our location at 227 Queen Street East to see all our items and pricing.

The big day is arriving and it wouldn’t be complete without the perfect corsage (and/or boutonnière). What makes a nice one? Well it depends of course on a number of things:

The colour of your dress
Your dates tie colour
What type of dress you’re wearing
If you have any allergies (or your date)
… and what your personality is! (yep, well in my opinion this matters!)

What do I mean by personality? Well, flowers can often be a form of how you express yourself – from the elegant white and pink corsage shows your modesty and only a peak of colour to a tropical floral corsage that shows off your vibrant personality. But maybe this is just me 🙂

Either way, we can create the perfect corsage for you depending on your needs – even if you’re allergic!(we can create a silk flower corsage.)

To see our promotions visit the promotion tab of our blog Call us at 905-454-4202 to learn about our student promotions or visit our website at for more corsage pictures.

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